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About Moorlands Learning Trust

About Moorlands Learning Trust

Moorlands Learning Trust will build on the success and reputation of Ilkley Grammar School (IGS).  It is intended that the MAT’s reputation will become synonymous with high quality educational experiences, where parents and the wider community are proud for their children to attend an MLT school or provider, secure in the knowledge that their child will succeed and achieve their personal best as a result.

The Moorlands Learning Trust vision is one where its students will be equipped with the confidence and skills to make a positive difference to their own lives and to the lives of others. Through Moorlands Learning Trust, schools will learn from and challenge each other. They will take opportunities to develop the range of provisions across the Trust, in order to enhance the achievement of all students in MLT and to enrich their lives and the opportunities they have - both now and in the future. 

MLT school partners will share the same moral purpose: they will play a key role in the wider development of our region and its future generations, by catering for students from all cohorts and demographic backgrounds, in order to ensure that individual context does not affect an MLT student’s life chances. This will be achieved by partners working strategically together, drawing on the support of others when required, to ensure that every student within their care, whether mainstream secondary, primary, post 16, specialist or alternative provision, and from whatever background and starting point, will receive an exceptional education. Students’ future prospects will therefore be enhanced by their school’s membership of the MAT and its wider partnerships, including those in already successful schools, with local communities strengthened by the involvement of the Trust.

MLT schools, leaders and trustees are aspirational for every student within the Trust and all are committed to sharing in the improvement journey by playing their part in achieving success and inspiring others to do so too. Fundamental to this is a core focus on enhancing our students’ experiences and achievements through rigorous and systematic support and challenge of all schools within the MAT. Our robust school improvement and support strategy means that all within Moorlands Learning Trust will be able to continually improve and aim higher.

Our Schools

Ilkley Grammar School

The Skipton Academy